Karkaro Beach Cottages
Lake Langano, Ethiopia
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Overlanders who stop at Karkaro consider our peaceful beach setting an oasis after many days spent traveling on dry, dusty roads. We offer a rare opportunity to refresh yourself in a Rift Valley lake that is safe for swimming. Leave plenty of time in your schedule to enjoy the privacy, birdwatching, wildlife, and lack of people on our property.

Camping is available. We can accommodate up to twenty families at one time. Please pay the cost of your intended stay when you arrive.

The camp sites are located to the side of the cottages close to the water. Overlanders are welcome at Karkaro Beach Cottages and are asked to respect the property and privacy of the renters.

WelcomeAbout KBCOverlandersCampingCottagesCafePhoto AlbumFAQs