Karkaro Beach Cottages
Lake Langano, Ethiopia
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If your questions are not answered below please feel free to send an email to willywarthog@msn.com and we will answer any further questions you have.

-How do I rent a cottage?-
To rent a cottage you will need to contact the owner. The best way to do so is through email as he is periodically outside of the country.  Send your email to
willywarthog@msn.com. If you would like to talk to someone about the cottages please call  091-168-3123. After you have come to an agreement with the owner you and the owner will sign a lease at which time you will also be required to pay the first installment of rent.

-Is the lease renewable?-
Yes, the lease is renewable as long as both parties are happy with the arrangements and wish to continue.

-Are the cottages furnished?-
This depends on what you are interested in. A refrigerator and stove can be provided at an additional cost. If you do not want to provide your own beds and living furniture this can be provided at an additional cost as well. These furnishings do not come standard but can be requested.

-Who provides the maintenance?-
Staff at Karkaro Beach Cottages are responsible for maintaining the condition of the entire premises as well as your cottage when there is minor or major damage.

-Can I have a cook or someone to do my laundry while I stay in my cottage?-
Yes, you may bring along someone to provide these services while you stay in your cottage. There are a few small units located behind the cottages where this individual can sleep if you choose to use one. You may also make arrangements with the owner to hire one of the staff to provide these services for you while you are here.

-Can I do my own cooking?-
Yes, provided that you have a refrigerator and stove according to the options above your cottage has a kitchen sufficient for home cooking and you will not need to depend on another source for your meals. 

-Is there a restaurant on the property?-
Yes, Karkaro does have a small cafe. It can seat fifteen people with a beautiful view over the lake. Visit our cafe page for more information.

-Can I have a jet ski?-
Yes, you may bring a jet ski, boat or other water recreational equipment to use here. You will be expected and required to use it wisely and in consideration of the safety of the others on the premises. You may not use the equipment within the designated swimming area.

-Can I bring my friends?-
Yes, you may bring friends to accompany you in your cottage. However, your friends may not use your cottage alone without prior arragements with Karkaro. You will be held responsible for any damage they cause to the cottage. If your friends wish to camp while you are here, they may do so for the costs listed on the camping page. 

-Is there camping?-
Yes, please see the camping page for more information.

-Can I have a campfire?-
Yes, campfires are allowed in designated campfire sites only. No campfires are allowed on the beach sand.

-Can I store camping equipment on the property?-
Yes, we do have some small units that you can rent to store personal items. They are not large enough to store something like a jet ski. Jet skis and boats would have to be stored under tarps or covers.

-Can I play loud music and have a large party?-
No. Karkaro Beach Cottages is intended to be a quiet and relaxing place and these types of activities do not allow this to happen for the others who are staying here. If you are disturbing the other campers or renters with your music or party, you will be asked to leave.

-Can I bring alcohol?-
Yes, but drinking alcohol is not allowed on the beach. You may drink alcohol at your cottage or tent.


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