Karkaro Beach Cottages
Lake Langano, Ethiopia
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The cottages have been built to international standards to provide quality housing to those who seek the comforts of home whilst experiencing the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Large windows provide an unobstructed view of the lake in every cottage, and deep front porches give a casual and protected area upon which one can enjoy the crispness of a morning sunrise or shade in the afternoon warmth. The privacy, quiet and relaxation of our renters is a priority, so the cottages are located a comfortable distance apart from each other with trees and foliage between them. No cottage is in a location that obstructs a clear view of the lake for the inhabitants of another.

Built with high vaulted ceilings of Austrian Pine and exterior walls of brick, the cottages contain either two, three or four bedrooms along with a kitchen, bathroom, dining room and living room. Additional cottages are being built as Karkaro Beach Cottages expands. Currently there are thirteen cottages built with a final plan for nineteen. 

Furnishings vary by the occupants. Refrigerators and stoves are provided in all cottages. Beds, tables and chairs are provided depending on the needs and preferences of the occupants.  Arrangements can be made with the owner prior to leasing.

Leasing periods vary depending on the occupants needs and preferences. However a minimum lease of six months is required.

Cottage Dimensions:

2 Bedroom         8 x 11 meters
3 Bedroom         8 x 13 meters
4 Bedroom         8 x 15 meters


WelcomeAbout KBCOverlandersCampingCottagesCafePhoto AlbumFAQs